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Mac's 1" x 6' Motorcycle Ratchet Tie-Down Pack with Integrated Soft Loop Pack, S-Hooks & Keepers - Blue

Mac's 1" x 6' Motorcycle Ratchet Tie-Down Pack with Integrated Soft Loop Pack, S-Hooks & Keepers - Blue

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There's a right way to tie down your bike and a wrong way. At Mac's, we're adamant about keeping your bike or utility vehicle in pristine condition. The Mac's Utility Pack (ATV/Moto Pack) securely holds your bike or ATV in place for the ride, without scuffs or scrapes.


Mac's canvas storage bag keeps straps clean and dry

Compact storage for your tie-downs! Mac's small storage duffle bag houses up to four 1" tie-down straps, and comes with tough canvas walls that are ready to handle your tie-down hardware. The integral handles are made of black webbing, and wrap around the entire bag for better weight support.

Tie-up loose ends with the Mac's Strap Bands

Too many times we see excess webbing flapping around in the wind, beating on your cargo. Instead, use the Strap Band to tie up loose webbing, or to keep your straps organized in storage. The best part? They can be used to keep any cord, hose or other gear wrapped up around the house, vehicle or garage.

Easy-release ratchet mechanism

Recent design changes to the ratchet handles make them better than ever! The free-wheeling strap mandrel eliminating any "stickiness" common when adjusting most other ratchets. The one-piece handle and addition of mandrel caps makes this handle 40% more rigid and keeps debris out of the moving parts.

Why you'll love it!
Made in the USA
2,800 lbs.
8 lbs.
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This utility pack includes four ratchet strap tie-downs with S-hook and keeper ends, four 18” soft loop extenders, four strap bands and one small storage bag. Mac's 1" tie-down straps (lashing straps) are well known for their strength and dependability. There's good reason why. It starts with our premium strapping. Rated to 4,000 lbs., the select nylon webbing material we use significantly improves chafing and UV resistance over "box store" straps. During construction of each strap, we sew all ends using the highest stitch count in the industry. You can see this in our characteristic "double box" stitch pattern that ensures maximum tear resistance. The result is a strap with an incredible 2,800 lb. Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)--more than enough strength for the biggest bike or cargo (recommended working load is 1/3 MBS).

The S-Hooks on each of the tie downs are encased in a full coat of thick, ruggedized vinyl. After tightening your straps, tuck away the excess with the included Mac's strap bands. Each strap band is made of "hook-and-loop" lined rugged strapping, to keep your ends from flapping in the breeze. When you arrive at your destination, use the strap bands to stow your tie-downs neatly in the included Mac's Small Black Duffle Bag.